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If you've friended me (or lurk around. especially if you lurk around, come to think of it) just to keep an eye on fics and/or icons, head this way: [livejournal.com profile] luova_tauko. I've been meaning to make a creative journal for a while and finally did it. I will mention all updates here, too, but they could very well be in friends-locked posts among other stuff.

So far I've posted two icon sets. The first one has spoilers for Soul Eater's chapter 57, and the second for One Piece's Thriller Bark arc.

And while I'm driving my pimpmobile: [livejournal.com profile] fic_on_demand's new mods have organized The Valentine Gift Project. It sounds cool, and as far as I've understood, requesting doesn't mean that you have to write something.
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I win. Literally, too. *grin*

Are you a Seme or Uke?

This just proves that [livejournal.com profile] blueutopiah and I own you lot.
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Joined [profile] naruto100 and wrote a drabble.

And why am I thinking about Orochimaru/Kabuto? What is wrong with me?


Added Naruto and Saiyuki recs.


Five things Hiei said when he found Kurama trying on an evening gown:

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Five things Kurama can do that will (more or less) immediately make Hiei uke:

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I would like to point out that this is in no way, shape or form a drabble for anyone who has a birthday today, be it Sensui or someone else.

And there's absolutely no chance that I would congratulate anyone if I could get connection to Y!M (or even check any of my e-mail addresses). Cursed technology, you fail!

Weird,  AUish and sort-of ewwww. And the title? Don't ask me, it wanted to be called that.

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[personal profile] viridian_magpie and I were talking about slang expressions some time ago, and by talking I mean "ahahahahaaa, it sounds so innocent but it isn't!"

Title: Spank It!
Rating: PG?
Disclaimer: Saiyuki © Kazuya Minekura
Summary: In which Goku is young and innocent, and Sanzo is pretty much doomed. Gen.

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This is a companion piece for [livejournal.com profile] viridian_magpie's drunken!Yusuke drabble. I blame her and [livejournal.com profile] aedictus, who is a persistant leech. *glare*

Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi


"'Tsh your turn," the Yusukes said from Kuramas' laps. "Tr' yourshelf if you think it'sh shoo easy."

Hiei was drunk. Perhaps even very much so. He might even- scratch that, he *knew* he would regret this come the morning. But Hiei never backed out of a challenge. Especially if he was drunk. Which, according to the evidence in the form of three Kuramas, he was.

Besides, he could *so* jump on the table and slice the apple Kuwabara'd throw. He could. Even if he was drunk.

Hiei concentrated. Only one of the tables was really there. The trick was to find out which one. Right, that one wobbled less than the others and when Hiei squinted, he saw that the shadow was darkest under it.

Success! Now the apple. This was easy, drunk or not.

"'Tsh not fairy!" the Yusukes protested, waving their hands and almost hitting the Kuramas on the heads. The neat pieces landed on the table. "You shlished more air than applessh!"

The trick was to slice everything, real or not.
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I've scribbled a few short (and strange) things when I needed to think something else than real life. As always, feel free to nitpick.

Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi

Ha, I never thought I'd manage to include two screaming clichés in such a short ficlet. Maybe I should try with three next. *ponders*
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Right. Naruto, like you didn't know what I've been doing. That, and exams, and damn spring which makes my hormones go insane and not in the way one would think. *gloomy*, and so easily distracted and absent-minded.

But never mind that, let's concentrate on Naruto which is awesome. The plot, the characters, the fics, the pretty pretty fanart, the whole damn thing. Mind you, I've only read the manga so I'm not familiar with the filler episodes of anime. Though I did manage to download the movie of the princess, and the four-leaved clover episode. With subtitles, so YAY, I understand what they say!

Incidentally, is there anyone who could tell how much of the manga is left out of the anime, and how much the characters change in the latter? Cool and shiny new powers, character backgrounds..? Whatever I might write will be based on the manga (mostly), and I'd like to know when I could accidentally shove spoilers down your throats. People could do with a warning or two.

I suspect this could be even funnier than the whole YYH thing (if that's possible) because the amount of possible 'ships and three-somes is almost ridiculous. And there're even het 'ships I could like. *shockgaspsurprise* Of course, we should consider that this is me who we're talking about. I'm all too happy to ignore classic YYH 'ships like Yusuke/Keiko and Kuwabara/Yukina in favor of Sakyo/Shizuru and Toguro/Genkai. Too bad I can't find fics of them, at least none worth reading. But yes, no Sasuke/Sakura for me, at least not without Naruto to balance them. Neji/Hinata and Shikamaru/Temari, however... And obviously  the Great Gay which, honestly, lurks around every corner. It's probably unhealthy to be this gleeful and surrounded by pr0n.

The drabbles, yes, experiments to see whether I really can write Naruto fics or not and if I can, are they any good. And if I can still write with limited number of letters. It's much more difficult than one would think.

One of Hinata and Neji, and one of Gaara who is the new Angsty and Pretty Plaything. A bit like Hiei but crueler. *cheers*

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...yes, my ability to name ficlets truly is phenomenal. Not to mention the grief of writing a simple summary. Which reminds me; anyone who can suggest a working summary for Need, as a one fic, will get a drabble of her choice (as long as I know the fandom and characters, of course).
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[profile] aedictus and her ponies... and her little dog, too.

Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi


He had fucking hooves.

Nightmares were somewhat annoying but right now would've been a perfect moment to be in one, Hiei pondered gloomily and observed Yusuke and Kuwabara from the table. They hadn't moved for several minutes and the wheezing had ceased, too. Perhaps they were dead, Hiei thought and brightened up. Would serve them right, the laughing bastards.

And when Hiei'd get his hoo-- hands, damn it, hands! - on the one who'd done this, the fucker would hope he'd never been born.

Well, at least he wasn't alone in this. Though the situation wasn't made any better by Kurama's snickering. What the hell was so funny anyway? They were plastic ponies for gods' sake and if Kuwabara was to be believed, Hiei had a heart-shaped Jagan on his forehead and a gleeful dragon on his ass.

Great, just... great.

And Kurama had the nerve to be cute, too.

HP drabble

Dec. 8th, 2005 12:18 am
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I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] hp100 but forgot to post it. Then again, I'm not sure if it would've been qualified since it has only OCs.

Title: Silly Picture
Rating: PG
Challenge: Dark Mark

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