Jun. 16th, 2010 11:16 pm
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There are people who don't know that Princess Victoria gets married on Saturday? The mind, it boggles.

And there are people who think that Finland is a monarchy? The mind, it goes o.O
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As 95% of us already know, Heath Ledger is dead. Makes me kind of sad in a "but he was so young and talented" way.

This, on the other hand, raises both my blood pressure and homicidal tendencies. Those people are disgusting.
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I've stored the most brain breaking wanks under that on journalfen.

So, you remember the guy who has the stallion mentality? Yes, the one who has both a human girlfriend and a horse. And by having a horse I mean fucking it and, apparently, believing that she's pregnant with his child. I try to refrain from thinking about that too much because I can feel my brains leaking out of my ears.

But, it's time to send him our congratulations! The happy couple got married some time ago! That wouldn't have been so bad (I mean, after the first post, what would be?) if there wouldn't be a photo of the bride. All this time I'd been thinking "well, at least she's a big horse". Except not: the bride is one of those tiny mini ponies. Also, a picture of him kissing her. Ewwwwwwww doesn't quite cover it.

Where does the human girl fit in this, you might ask. She doesn't. You would've thought that she finally realized that her boyfriend is fucking a wee pony, took her child (a human one) and ran away screaming. No such luck in this soap opera. He, the one who fucks anything with legs and/or hooves, didn't want that the girlfriend would see another (human) guy. They had a fight and he all but threw her out. The horsey is better because she doesn't argue with her or sleep around (the child is totally a human-pony hybrid!). To make matters even more horrifying interesting, it appears that it isn't only bestiality, it's incest bestiality.

After (re)reading that, I think I need alcohol something to bleach my brains. Something stupid and dramatic but essentially harmless. Preferably with pretty people. I'm so lucky that America's Next Top Model (season 5) begins in ten minutes and after that, it's time for Supernatural. Thank you so very much for recommending that, [personal profile] chatona! Though I'm not entirely sure if I should say that, seeing how I'm now happily imagining Sam and Dean doing it in their car.
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On one hand, that's possibly the best wank ever. On the other hand, ohdeargodnothecrazyitburns. I mean, WHAT? The mind, it does indeed boggle.


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