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...I'm sure you do fufufufufufufu

Also, How to Do an Evil Laugh. XD
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1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

DAY 01:

I snagged this from Minekura's journal today:

ASDFKLAJKFL SO CUTE! ♥ ♥ ♥ Definitely made me happy.

I'll do my best to post every day, but don't shoot me if I fail. I won't tag anyone, but it'd be nice to see more people doing this [/hint]. Positive thinking and Christmas time go together and all that. *off the sappy bus*
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a.k.a. Black Butler

manga | anime

Pretty? Check.
Bloody fights? Check.
Morally ambiguous characters? Check.
Pedobait? Check.
Subtext? Check.

Do I want a demonic butler? Yes.

(comes with a bratty little Lord!)

God, Sebastian, stop being so hot. *___*
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Would you look at that? There's apparently an official Naruto high school AU and it doesn't look all that bad.

[translations here and here]

But it does look like the people responsible for it smoked the good crack (probably the same crack One Piece people smoke. babysitting Zoro = endless fun).

Orochimaru and Kabuto- No, sorry, I mean Maruko and Kabuko pretend to be transfer students in order to seduce Sasuke to another school (so they say, but with them you never know).

Two pics, not brain safe. )

There are no words to describe my feelings, but I think they're somewhere between "oh god, why" and "awesome idea" while I laugh like a demented hyena.


Jan. 26th, 2008 01:17 pm
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So the latest Bleach chapter had a colour spread and the results from the latest Shounen Jump character poll. *glee*

Cut for the picture, not for spoilers. Unless, of course, you count the spread as a spoiler. You shouldn't. )
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Oh, KT! Would you like to have a baby? I'm sure I could kidnap one for you.

Spoiler pictures for chapter 291! )

Also, uh, I am still alive. Just a bit distracted by university and various more or less shiny things.
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Dear Kishimoto,

You are made of EPIC WIN.

Babies will be sent as soon as I find one.


Seeing that Shippuuden has already shown all these characters and this doesn't have anything to do with plot (...probably. after this, I'm not sure of anything), I don't think this is a spoiler.

Though if you're at work, I'm not sure if it's safe to click. )


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