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The multifandom fanfic rec community [community profile] fancake's new theme is minor characters. Go and rec something! ;)

fancake banner for round 24 minor characters: thematic multi-fandom recs
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day 01 → your favorite song [Poets of the Fall - War]

day 02 → (one of) your favorite movie(s)

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere that I really, really love Billy Elliot.

Against the background of an increasingly bitter miners' strike that his elder brother and father are involved in, young Billy Elliot finds he prefers joining in the girls' ballet class at the local hall to the boxing he's there for. The ballet mistress soon realises he has real potential, but no-one, least of all his family, is likely to go along with a lad doing dancing.

I've never been interested in ballet, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this. The plot, characters and the set all feel very real.

Billy wants to dance ballet and you can understand why it's a problem in their world (1984, a mining town in northern England). And it's not just Billy's story, it's about his father too. One of my favorite scenes is about him and what he does is heart-breaking considering what happens soon after it (could I be more vague? :P).

Bonus points: a gay, crossdressing character who isn't treated as a freakshow. Or rather, no more than Billy is.

In conclusion: it's a coming-of-age story with heaps of I'm-different-itis, and it's so lovely that I always go awwwww.
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Chii's Sweet Home

The adventures of Chii, a lost kitten taken in by a young couple with a toddler. While the family never intends to keep the kitten, Chii slowly claws herself a niche in their family: winning over everyone with her kitten idiocy and charm.

Oh my god, this is the most adorable manga ever. ♥ There's no way anything could be as cute and sweet as this. It's a kitten! She's tiny and curious and just like real kittens. Trust me, I know, I've had five and the manga is like real life with them. The horror of a bathtime! A kitten so tiny she can't jump as high as she'd like to! Ignoring the expensive toys and loving the free bags they were in! It's also surprisingly heartbreaking. Chii misses her mom and then there's the horrible first day her family goes out without her. ;____;

Read it, it's so cuuuuuuute.

This happens to me all the time.
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Why did it take me so long to read Girl Genius?

♥ ♥ ♥

I've wanted to read or watch something with strong female characters, and now I want to join Agatha's harem. She's a mad scientist! She has Jägerminions (I love them!)! She loves death rays! She could be a horrible Mary-Sue, but somehow she isn't! Or, well, maybe she is, but she can definitely work with and/or around it.

The Cinderella parody was the best one ever (the above pic is from that), because she got the handsome yet stupid princes (yes, two!), *and* took over the kingdom. Also, Jägers in dresses! Maxim the not so ugly stepsister! And the quilting bees! *dies laughing* You could try reading that to get the CRAZY feel of the comic, but it does have a few spoilery characters.

IMO, the first volume is kind of weak because it's mostly about establishing characters and black & white, though that's not all that important, but then it starts to run.

Mind, it does have quite a bit of fanservice, but it doesn't bother me as much as it usually does. Maybe because the characters aren't stick-thin, maybe because it doesn't bother them too much, maybe because they just look like steampunk Victorian clothes. The boobs aren't there to attract the male characters, and said guys rarely notice the rather obvious assets. What makes Agatha (and other women, and people in general) interesting to them is her brilliant mind and mad skillz, not her cleavage.
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[livejournal.com profile] blueutopiah's Soul Eater post gave me an idea. Since I procrastinate read/watch anime/manga/books/TV/movies/etc. quite a lot, I thought that I could occasionally mention the shiny things I've found.

Let’s start with Until Death Do Us Part by Takashige Hiroshi, simply because I just read the newest chapter.

Read at OneManga
Download (some) chapters at MangaShare

A girl named Haruka Tōyama happens to be in the care of a certain company because she can see the future, but she wants to get away, so using her abilities she finds a blind though strong man and asks him to help her as a body guard 'til death do them part. The man, named Mamoru Hijikata, quickly dismiss her request as a joke from a small 12 year old kid, only to realize what shady business has beginning to unfold when people willing to do anything are desperately searching for the girl. As she predicted, Mamoru has vast experience in shady business himself, and will not be pushed around easily by any criminal.

... Is 'protection' the only reason that Haruka approached Mamoru? Or could it be something else?

so, a seer and a blind man... )
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a.k.a. Black Butler

manga | anime

Pretty? Check.
Bloody fights? Check.
Morally ambiguous characters? Check.
Pedobait? Check.
Subtext? Check.

Do I want a demonic butler? Yes.

(comes with a bratty little Lord!)

God, Sebastian, stop being so hot. *___*


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