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Jun. 30th, 2007 06:18 pm
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So I bought two manga volumes and three books. ) recommended it some time ago.

Never to be said that your opinions don't matter!

Melusine by Sarah Monette

I haven't read this either but it looks like I will soon: the weather is looking suspicious again and there just might be a thunderstorm coming (the reason I didn't post on Thursday or yesterday).

I bought this because a) it has a half-naked man on the cover and b) when I randomly opened it, there was a m/m scene. Not that the blurb sounded all that bad, but I probably wouldn't have bought this if it didn't have buttsexing in it. Yes, I am as shallow as a kiddie pool.
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I've only seen the raw so I really can't say anything about dialogue, but it does seem that Madhouse followed manga pretty closely. But who cares about that, let's talk about the pretty!

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I actually like Mello's eyes. I did expect him to have "L's dead eyes", but the crazy look works better with green. Besides, they'd already changed L's eyes and I liked them a lot, too. I was a bit wary when I heard who the voice actor would be: he did awesome job as Yuusuke but I wasn't sure if he'd fit in Mello's pants, not that anyone would seeing how they're painted on him shoes. Young Mello sounded a bit off but surprisingly, the voice fits to older Mello. Who, incidentally, looks damn fine and am I glad that he's legal or what?

I love Near's eyes. They do play with the Near-looking-like-L too much but the eyes are just perfect. I also liked his overall design: the hair twirling looks nice in screen and I'm hoping they won't forget his toys. But I must admit that I didn't like Near's voice actress. I've nothing against having a woman as that but the voice is just too girly; someone who would've actually sounded like a boy would've been better. *cough*PakuRomi*cough* And what's with the jeans? I always thought that Near wore white pyjamas or something similar, not jeans LIKE L. Subtle, they are not.

Also, Gevanni looks kind of hot. "Kind of" meaning "definitely yes, Near you lucky bastard having him around". *tries to refrain from shipping Gevanni/Near*
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WARNING: The summaries alone may contain spoilers for specific events and the ending of the manga!

R and NC-17 ratings mentioned.
* = Last update (19/10/07)

Authors: 3 )

L/Light: 19 )

Mello/Near: 4 )

Gen: 15 )
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Just finished reading Death Note.

Overdose of awesome: brain does not compute.

Will be back when it does.


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