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A few things I have learned while reading Eyeshield 21 (WIP, I'm around chapter 270 and will finish it today/tomorrow):

I Hiruma is awesome.

II-X )

a. Also, hello, new people!

b. And everyone, sorry for not commenting, I've been a bit preoccupied by several things. Sometimes those tend to pile up and then explode.

c. One of those things is my laptop and my current problem with the letter K. I've yet to figure out what's wrong with it but writing anything longer is a pain. I'm bruising my poor laptop every time I need that and not because I'm Shin.

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So, I watched Wolverine last night.

It was pretty much what I expected, which is to say that there were hot men and plenty of action. I was too distracted by Hugh Jackman, swaggering around in tight clothes and with sharp claws, to pay attention to any plot-holes and awkward acting. As my friend said, this was a lot better than X:3, not that it says much since that movie made no sense at all. This actually had a plot somewhere under the explosions and hot men fighting each other with shiny weapons.

...you can tell what kept me entertained, can't you? I'm so easy to please when it comes to movies.

And now I want good movieverse Wolverine/Gambit slash.
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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And this is from someone who didn't like Boy's Next Door, and never got past the first two or three volumes of Angel Sanctuary.

ETA: Also loving Karneval and Vassalord! ♥


Nov. 8th, 2008 05:22 pm
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I swear I tried to resist these! I've always wanted a dragon of my own and since there's an unfortunate lack of gigantic flying predators, I have to settle for these.

Click my eggs! That didn't sound dirty at all...

Under the cut so they won't get sick. )


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:35 pm
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I just watched WALL-E, and it's quite possible that it's the most adorable movie ever. It made me go "awwwwwww" and "nooooooo" from the beginning to the end, and I really want to show it to everyone who hasn't seen it yet. I can even bring the tissues! ...I wasn't the only one who was a bit teary, was I?

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I didn't have much to do this evening so I've watched four episodes of Merlin. To quote [livejournal.com profile] chatona, it's "very pretty and witty and gay": even the dragon ships Arthur/Merlin. As long as I don't pay too much attention to little things like historical accuracy (windows! clothes! the castle! people reading all around!), I can watch it just fine. It's shiny and fantasy and man, Arthur sure is pretty.

I was very surprised to find myself liking Uther Pendragon, and not only because he's played by Giles Anthony Head. They do really clever things with him and I hope it's intentional. We're supposed to assume that he's evil-ish and the point of view of the show only strengthens that belief. The POV characters are Merlin, Arthur and the other young people who pretty much try to rebel against the older ones. Not always intentionally and not really in the sense of rebelling, but still. Uther is portrayed as a serious and occasinally somewhat ruthless man, and as the one who tries to stop the heroes from doing their heroic deeds.

The thing is, Uther is absolutely right. A few vaguely spoilery sentences. )

I hope that Uther doesn't turn out to be a complete bastard (only four episodes: he has plenty of time to start kicking puppies) because I really like the character. He's doing what I always think when the heroes are idiots and narrow-sighted: it just isn't right for the only prince/ss to run around challenging dangerous monsters. Fine, you may save a friend/innocent child/a small town, but what if you get killed? Who's going to inherit the throne then?

...Actually, I'm always annoyed when there's only one heir. Couldn't the parents have a spare child or two just in case? If I'll ever write a story using a royal hero, s/he'll damn well have several siblings.
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a.k.a. Black Butler

manga | anime

Pretty? Check.
Bloody fights? Check.
Morally ambiguous characters? Check.
Pedobait? Check.
Subtext? Check.

Do I want a demonic butler? Yes.

(comes with a bratty little Lord!)

God, Sebastian, stop being so hot. *___*
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Help, help! I accidentally clicked a link to Tv Tropes and now I can't stop clicking (again)!

And does anyone have any good post-apocalyptic novel/movie/TV-series (animated or live action) recs? Or fics, as long as they're not too depressing. I have a sudden desire to indulge myself in end of the world misery and/or badassery, mostly because I just read a relevant Tv Tropes article. Send help!

Pimp post

Mar. 2nd, 2008 04:29 pm
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If you have time to kill, go and take a fanfiction survey that someone is using to write a thesis. It doesn't take all that long.

And a new community:

[livejournal.com profile] saiyuki_manga

This community was set up to share the recent chapters of Saiyuki Reload. We provide clear, large scans and text translations, as well as an optional zip download for each chapter.

The chapters are available to anyone who would like to see them, although we would like to remind people that our scans come out one month after the official Japan release.



Jan. 26th, 2008 01:17 pm
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So the latest Bleach chapter had a colour spread and the results from the latest Shounen Jump character poll. *glee*

Cut for the picture, not for spoilers. Unless, of course, you count the spread as a spoiler. You shouldn't. )


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