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Yuletide in summer for Asian media fandoms: y/n?

So, there's this new small Asian fandom exchange thing (DW mirror) and I'm sort of tempted to participate.

It's like Yuletide except it's in summer and it's for Asian media. Which doesn't mean just anime and manga, so one could enter, say, Korean manhwa and Chinese dramas. I know there are people on my flist who follow Chinese and Korean dramas, you might be interested?

What makes this really tempting is that it's only 500 words in July, so it should be doable. And I could just go and throw in fandoms I'd like to see represented and then decide later whether I want to write or not. Hmmm...

I'm currently considering 07-Ghost, Ao no Exorcist, Beelzebub, Karneval, Noblesse, Petshop of Horrors and Wild Adapter. If you decide to jump in, feel free to take some off the list! It's not like I'm reserving them or anything since they're meant for everyone. :P

Since people have already requested fandoms like Pandora Hearts and Yu Yu Hakusho, it seems that the fandom doesn't have to be non-existent. Just small-ish and/or old and not very active anymore. Following that logic, Gintama, Saiyuki and Soul Eater should be okay, too, right?

...No, I wasn't asked to pimp this, I'm just pondering aloud. Though if you want to spread the word, do it. It's probably the best way to get the word out when the target fandoms are small.

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