darlingfox: ([bb] oh to be young again)
darlingfox ([personal profile] darlingfox) wrote2025-01-01 12:35 pm

Semi Friends Only

- Friend me first if you want me to friend you back.
- I will not friend: people who I know are younger than 18, sockpuppets, trolls, empty journals or journals written in languages other than English and Finnish.
- Comment here if you friend me. Common courtesy, and then I will actually know you've friended me. The chances are that if you don't comment, I will not add you back.

- Most of my Real Life posts, and some of the others, are locked.
- The fannish posts (icons, fanfiction, links etc.) are not locked unless the same post includes RL talk.
- I ramble about different topics, some of them more serious than others but mostly they are on the amusing/bitching side.

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