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darlingfox ([personal profile] darlingfox) wrote2012-12-27 11:02 pm

Happy holidays!

Look what I got for [community profile] yuletide!

Shouldn't Oughta (4295 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Barks/Rosa Duck Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Donald Duck, Della Duck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
Summary: Donald finds his twin sister utterly insufferable. Especially when she's not there at all. A Yuletide fic about family, children, and that special way siblings drive you nuts.

I kind of want to congratulate myself for writing such an awesome prompt that it resulted such a fantastic fic. Recommended to everyone and especially those who grew up with the Ducks and still love them.