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[parallelsfic post]

...Though why I need this when the requests themselves are getting longer and longer is a mystery. Well, I have a few days to CHOP THEM WITH AN AXE so they won't scare the author too horribly. I don't want to cause anyone fest traumas, I just like to babble! ;____;

Dear Parallelsfic author,

We have such a great taste in fandoms, don't we? I love all the fandoms I requested so I'll be equally happy no matter which of them you'll choose. They're listed here in an alphabetical order, not in any kind of "love -> really like - > like -> eh, it'll do" order. You can check my Yuletide letter for things I'd rather not read about if you want to, but in general I prefer happy/hopeful endings to neverending angst fests.

Also, uh, please don't run away after you see this letter? I know this got a bit long but I figured that I could at least try to lure new people into the fandoms with this.

All these canons are still WIPs and I'm always up to date on what's happening in them.


Once upon a time, a young prince saved a drowning man. Only, the prince is a delinquent called Oga Tatsumi and the drowning man splits open to reveal a green-haired baby. Who, as it happens, is a prince. The demonic Baby Beel comes with a nursemaid Hilda but it's Oga's job to be a father to the future destroyer of the world. Unless he can hand Beel over to someone stronger than him, that is, and that's how the real story begins.

This manga's strength is definitely in the humor and that just wouldn't work without the wonderful minor characters. Most of them are ass-kicking delinquents (the whole school is full of them!) and I didn't expect to like them all as much as I do. Himekawa and Kanzaki won me over by being ...selfish and power hungry? And having just enough softness in them to be interesting. I'm also a sucker for rivals turned friends and friendly rivalries so there you go, I was destined to like them.


characters: Kanzaki Hajime, Himekawa Tatsuya

Kanzaki and Himekawa are two of my favorite characters in the manga. They're both interesting characters and their stupid, silly antics make laugh. Whether you'll write a gen/friendship fic or a Kanzaki/Himekawa shippy fic, it'll make me happy! I ship them but you don't have to, I promise.

Maybe you'd like to write something about their families? We know about Kanzaki's already and I like his relationship with his niece a lot. You can definitely include her and other characters too! Himekawa's family is a mystery right now so feel free to make something up. Or maybe something about them and how Kanzaki and his posse seem to have accidentally adopted Himekawa? Or if you want to choose the shippy fic option, maybe a get-together fic?

Gen or shippy, Himekawa letting his hair down would be an amazing addition. Not only is he really pretty, the other characters's reactions are always hilarious.

I've read the manga and seen the anime, so you can indeed include anime only things too. I've definitely seen worse fillers than what Beelzebub has and a surprising number of those featured Himekawa and/or Kanzaki. \o/ for that! Maybe you'd like to write something light-hearted and funny like those episodes? Pomadour Island, part 2? Badass delinquents play with mecha? Or possible be the mecha, you never know with them. Or something more serious, maybe? There's always Himekawa's apparent loneliness pre-Oga shenanigans, and Kanzaki not really caring about anyone. It's been a slow but steady change and I like that.

Length and availability:

Beelzebub has currently 162 scanlated chapters and it also has a 60 episode anime. It should be available online, too.


Adorable and confused little Nai is looking for someone important to him. When the manga begins, he's in trouble and a gun wielding thief called Gareki saves him in exchange for his story (and a shiny bracelet). Together, they get into even more trouble! Circus, a crime-fighting organization whose job is to dispose humans turned cannibalistic monsters, is very interested in Nai and the person he's looking for. They want Nai and Gareki who get dragged into a journey that will change their lives forever.

While I love about 90% of the characters, I still have my (predictable, I suspect) favorites. Nai is sweet and good-hearted, Yogi so cheerful and protective, and Gareki hides a gooey marshmallow center behind a hard shell. That's a character type I adore so I was sold the moment he was introduced. The mangaka is great at showing character development and Gareki is a fine example of that. The pretty art certainly doesn't hurt.


character: Gareki

Gareki is my favorite character and anything about him will be fantastic. I like his curiosity, so maybe he finally gets to inspect the Circus ships or the sheep better? I also like his competence and the fact that he still (eventually) acknowledges that he can't do everything alone. The latter is such an important part of his character growth and it'd be interesting to see what he'll be in a few years time. Past, present and future fics are all good so feel free to speculate!

One of the themes I like most about the canon is their family of choice. You could have Gareki interacting with any of the other character in any setting and I know I'd love it. You don't have to limit yourself to the nominated characters either, choose whoever interests you the most. And if you'd like to write a shippy fic, I'm all for Yogi/Gareki. Silly adventures or serious discussions, it's all good.

Just to throw out more random ideas and what I like about the canon: I love the mangaka for writing something seemingly random and then making it part of the character and background. Like Gareki getting Yogi that bracelet and Yogi wearing it ever since, or Nai getting the adorable Nyanperona pyjamas from Yogi and wearing those in later chapters. It's so sweet, I'll get cavities! ♥ So maybe something like that? I also like the little moments that reveal something about the characters, like Gareki agreeing with Nai about snow or Tsukumo's attempts at sewing.

Length and availability:

Right now Karneval has 41 chapters in English and 55 in Chinese (+ 56 and 57). I can't read a word in Chinese but I do like looking at the pretty art, and I have a general idea of what's going on. There's also an upcoming anime which I'm waiting for like I wait for... a something else I want so very much.


Seirin High's basketball team gets a jackpot when they manage to catch not one but two excellent freshman players. Kagami Taiga has just come back from America and initially finds the level of Japanese basketball lacking. Kuroko Tetsuya knows it's not true: he himself is really, really good, it's just that most people won't notice it since they don't notice him. What they do notice is the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko's former teammates and current rivals. Together with Kagami and their teammates, Kuroko wants to beat them one by one and prove that relaying on the whole team is the surest way to victory.

This series sort of reminds me of Eyeshield 21 and Ookiku Furikabutte, and not only because it's about a sport I wouldn't actually watch in real life. It's about teamwork and I eat that with a spoon. Luckily, this series delivers with a truck. It's not just about Kagami and Kuroko learning to work together, is about everyone doing that. I like that they're all competent in their own ways and that they know that. It's just that they know they could be even better together.


character: any

A fic about any of the nominated character would make me very happy. Out of all the character in the huge cast, the ones nominated are my favorites. You can write about one of them or mix and match them freely, or even take one of them and someone outside of the list entirely. I'm definitely fine with both gen/friendship and shippy fics. The only pairing I'd rather not read about is Kuroko/anyone from the Generation of Miracles. Other than that, it's all good!

While the whole premise of the series is basketball, I'd really like to get a fic that focuses on something else. Riko cooks for everyone again (whether she's successful or not is your choice)? Or maybe it's Kagami who cooks because he seems to be so good at it? Hyuuga puts his geek hat on and goes figure shopping? Kuroko takes Tetsuya #2 for a walk alone or with someone else? Or maybe something about Kiyoshi's injury and how he handles it or recovers from it?

No, really, you can write pretty much anything about any or all of them. If you want to write a shippy fic for pairings I already ship (and that don't include character that weren't nominated), you have a few to choose: Kagami/Kuroko, Hyuuga/Riko, Hyuuga/Kiyoshi and Hyuuga/Riko/Kiyoshi. Or you could surprise with something else and convince me that yes, this could also work! Or write a friendship fic! I love those, too.

Length and availability:

Right now there are 170 scanlated chapters and I'm waiting for n:o 171 to appear any day now. There's also an anime with 12 episodes and it's available online too.


If you go to Kaimei High School and you find yourself in trouble, big or small, you can ask help from Sket Dan. Student or staff, it doesn't matter, the three members of the club will solve your problem in one way or another. Bossun, Himeko and Switch are there to help you with their various and sundry skills! ...Yes, even if you are a member of the school's Student Council. Along the way they get new, usually eccentric friends and you learn more about them and their pasts.

I love series with strong friendships and trust, and that's what made me love this manga. There's Bossun, Switch and Himeko, and there's also Tsubaki and Kiri (and many others) who I requested for this fandom. I think I liked them both from the moment they were introduced. They're both such good people, even if in Kiri's case you had to dig a little to find it for reasons of plot. I'm glad that it was Tsubaki who did it because I always felt he needed someone like Himeko and Switch are to Bossun.


characters: Katou Kiri, Tsubaki Sasuke

I have a weak spot the size of Alaska for loyalty and trust, and this series is full of that. I like both Tsubaki and Kiri as characters, and I really like that aspect of their relationship. So, of course I would love to get a story about them! Both gen/friendship and shippy fics are perfectly fine.

Maybe they have to do something for the student council, or maybe they just talk in a classroom? Or maybe Kiri gets a chance to show off his ninja skills in mundane tasks? Saving kittens from trees or old ladies crossing the street, other things like that? Seeing Tsubaki's thoughts on having his very own ninja would be interesting, too. You can definitely include other characters, even those that weren't nominated, in the fic if you want to!

The manga has such weird and funny parts some- well, most of them time) and you can definitely use those in the fic! Chuu-san's little experiments, perhaps? I'm especially fond of the potion that makes them younger and the one that still makes Tsubaki meow sometimes. Both are just adorable. Or you could come up with a new potion entirely! Or something else, there's a lot to choose from from random crossdressing to trying to figure out what Dante is saying.

Length and availability:

Right now there are 199 scanlated chapters in English and 238 in Chinese. There's also an ongoing anime with 64 episodes.


...If you haven't ran away already, that is.

This is all optional, of course! I tend to go a bit (...) overboard when describing things I love, hence the long post. Write something that inspires you and what you'll enjoy writing.
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