darlingfox: ([chii] oooh so shiny)
darlingfox ([personal profile] darlingfox) wrote 2012-06-25 04:11 pm (UTC)

*knows this feelins so much, ack XDDD;*

I don't know how I did for Yuletide. Now it's like the Niagara Falls of words. XD

On the other hand, one of my requests is severely lacking compared to the rest of them and I honestly don't know how to bulk it up. *is currently being the annoying fandom with the unhelpful 'I will love anything for this!'

Maybe you could just give example prompts? Something to grease the author's writing wheels (I accidentally wrote "feels" and, well, I guess it sort of fits too XD) and give them a starting point. ...Not that I should be giving advice to anyone. *grinds her axe*

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